Engineering, Project Management and Capacity Building

We are masters in food and beverage machinery and with a key eye on bottling industry, including;

  • CSD Carbonated soft drinks -Returnable glass bottles RGB, PET, CAN.

  • Beer- Brown bottle, Spirits, One way bottles, CAN, keg.

  • Water.

  • Juice.


We stock and supply  a wide range of bottling industry parts for mechanical, electrical, electronics, pneumatic, hydraulic etc, .

For your quick reference categories;

Flow controls;

  • S/s food grade valves- butterfly valves, Actuators & petitioners, manual ball valves, gate valves, globe valves.

  • Level sensors, flow meters including volumetric flow meters and mass flow meters.

  • PRV – Pressure reducing valves, Samson global valves, sanitary valves, solenoid valves.

  • Ball and non-return valves, relief & divert valves, flow control valves.    


  • Pneumatic cylinders.

  • Pneumatic valves & controls.

  • Pneumatic solenoid valves.

  • Filter regulator units- valves/blocks; push in fittings & PU pipes.

  • Air Preparation- filters, regulators, lubricators.


  • Double acting seals

  • U – ring seals

  • Piton seals

  • Wiper seals

  • PTFE seals

  • Cup seals.


  • Assorted types of gauges including  ;

  • Temperature gauges.

  • Pressure gauges

Electrical and electronics parts and accessories.

  • PLC- including

CPU, digital input modules, digital output modules

Analogue input and output modules

DP gateways

ASI modules which includes digital input/output modules, Analogue input & out puts modules

  • Temp & PID controller

  • Pressure Sensors

  • Thermocouples, cooling controllers, timers, potentiometers, solid state relays, inductive sensors

  • Data and product sensors, capacitive sensors.

  • Full range of switches;

  1. Proximity switches- capacitive & inductive switch eg .product detectors.

  2. Photo switches- including light barriers

  3. Retroreflective switches

  4. Transmitters & receivers

  5. Reed switches

  6. Replays including solid state relays.

  • Fans including motor and panel cooling fans.


Mechanical parts

  • Major consumable parts for bottling industry – including tulip & spreader rubbers.- basically all filling valves consumables.

  • Conveyor concept; sprockets, idlers, different types of chains, drives, wear strips.

  • Valves- Both mechanical and Pneumatic … for fluids, air and steam.

  • Major equipment assorted key parts for Filler, Bottle washer, Labeller, Blender, Pasteurizers, Syrup room matrix.

  • Pumps spare parts.




EIS offers the following sets of engineering interventions.

  • Pumps and pumps solutions.

  • Mechanical , Automation, Electrical and Pneumatic  line/equipment audits

  • Spare part list generation from same audits.

  • Overhauls interventions.

  • Breakdown interventions.

  • Condition monitoring based maintenance series.

  • General line service.