Procurement and Supply Chain Consultancy

EIS introduces to you Gilgal Investments, a subsidiary of EIS that was formed with core specialization of serving the market with regard to procurement and supply chain consultancy.
Through Gilgal Investments, EIS provides consultancy services in the follwoing areas:
Procurement Consulting

We’re helping many of our clients transform their procurement practices, rethink how their supply chains are managed and reduce risk in their commercial transactions – leading to optimal efficiency, reduced costs, improved performance and greater accountability as well as sustainability.

In today’s global economy, everybody is looking for cost savings. At Gilgal, we’re perfectly placed to help our clients realize that goal.


We work with clients to review the ways they manage their supply chain and procure equipment, goods and services. Our procurement and supply chain practice has developed tools and processes aimed at achieving significant savings – therefore helping to protect our clients’ bottom-line profit or public-facing front-line services. We provide documentation that is fully auditable and traceable, to fully safeguard our clients’ interests.


We achieve this through robust commercial governance, the application of market-leading technologies, accredited processes and systems, and the application of category knowledge and expertise across a broad range of goods, works and services.


Gilgal’s Procurement Solutions help transform our clients' procurement function. They include:


  • Driving value from your third-party spend.

  • Developing the procurement and sourcing strategies that fit with an organization’s strategic aims and operational needs.

  • Up-skilling staff and optimizing your procurement function.

  • Managing complex procurements.

  • Optimizing and de-risking your supply chain.

  • Leveraging the investments you’ve made in procurement technology.

  • Securing value from commissioning.

  • Sustainable and ethical sourcing.


World-class companies use procurement as a source of competitive advantage but many organizations still under-manage this treasure chest because they lack a predefined, systematic playbook for reducing costs and identifying and implementing necessary improvements.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Visioning and Strategy

How can better supply chain management impact your bottom line? How much will each improvement impact the business as a whole? We begin with the end in mind, and ensure that you have the vision and strategies to achieve your business and supply chain objectives.

Supply Chain Planning and Execution

In any successful venture, you need a vision, strategies and a plan you can execute. SCS works alongside you as a true partner to optimize your supply chain. Who is responsible for each component of the supply chain? To make your improvement goals a reality, we provide the best tactical solutions.


Competitive Benchmarking

Crafting a vision requires an understanding of your competitors. We provide a framework and the information to compare your performance with others so you can gain a competitive advantage through your supply chain.


Process Improvement

Efficiency calls for process improvement. Supply Chain Solutions analyzes your processes to determine where the waste is and how to eliminate it and that enables us to streamline your supply chain for peak performance.


Performance Measurement

You can’t succeed if you can’t measure. From companies small to large, we help establish performance measurements to achieve continuous improvement in your supply chain.